Henrik Sedin: Age Is Just a Number

It’s true, age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel! Two cliches we all hear quite a lot. But sometimes we get to see these cliches in their physical form, especially in sport. Whether it be football, basketball, hockey or rugby; there are always the select few who transcend the supposed restrictions of their age and continue being key members of their sport and their respective club. Henrik Sedin is one. The 36 year old Swede has been at the Canucks since he was drafted in ’99. I love that; there’s no better combination than longevity and loyalty to one club.

But it’s not only his loyalty that makes him stand out. He has become a legend in Vancouver; winning 3 Cyrus H. McLean trophies and a Cyclone Taylor award too. In terms of broader recognition in the NHL he won the Hart Memorial Trophy AND the Art Ross Trophy in the 09/10 season. He also became the Canucks’ leading point scorer in 2013. Of course, I can’t possibly talk about Henrik Sedin without mentioning Daniel, his twin brother. The two of them arrived at the Canucks at the same time and have been playing hockey together for many, many years. People have commended how well they play with each other and understand each other on the ice (like when I’m playing NHL17 on the PS4 with my brother!)

Last night in Vancouver, we saw Henrik clinch the 999th point of his illustrious NHL career. Although a quiet game against the Predators, Henrik scored the only goal of a tense game, with 7:32 left to play. He showed great awareness to get to the puck after Sbisa’s shot was saved, and had enough power on the shot to get it into the net and past a scrambling Pekka Rinne. After the game, speaking of the goal he said: “I don’t know what it was really – I just managed to get kind of a backhand”, obviously he wasn’t too pushed to celebrate what is a fantastic achievement.

On Friday he’ll get his chance to make history and collect his 1,000th career NHL point, as the Canucks take on the Panthers in Vancouver. I wouldn’t bet against him reaching the milestone on Friday, although I’m sure it’s not something he will allow himself to focus on. Either way I’ll be watching!




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