The Week Ahead (09/01/17)

It’s Monday once again! Time to look forward to the week ahead in the NHL. There are some cracking games coming up this week that I am looking forward to; the first one being Canadiens v Capitals in Washington on Monday night. These teams are both in the top 5 teams in the league for me at the moment, and both with similar stats in the table; (25-9-6) and (25-9-5) respectively. Montreal have won each of the 3 games they’ve played this month and they had a big 10-1 win in Colorado in December. I like the look of the Capitals at the moment, of course ending Columbus’ win-streak in Washington last week was quite an achievement for them.

Another game that has spiked my interest is Predators v Canucks in Smashville on Tuesday night. I think both of these teams are struggling to find consistency this season. The Canucks had a poor start to the month in December but found some form heading into January and found themselves on a win-streak. At the start of the season, there was a lot of noise coming out of Nashville. There was big hype surrounding the team, with many people around the league touting them as challengers for the Stanley Cup. The Subban-Weber trade added to this as many felt they now had one of the best D-corps in the league, but it hasn’t happened for them yet. Bo Horvat and Ryan Johansen will be crucial in this one. They each have 29 points for the season and are the creative hinges for their respective teams.

I also want to mention the All-Star game coming up in LA later in the month. A couple of days ago we found out who the 4 captains are: Sidney Crosby, Carey Price, PK Subban and  Connor McDavid. There are no real surprises in there for me. The announcement has got me excited for the All-Star weekend in LA, roll on 29th January!


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