The Win-Streak can now be scribbled into the history books…

It had to end some time, and it had to end in some way; but I don’t think any hockey fan really expected the scenario that happened in Washington last night. BlueJackets 0-5 Capitals. 5 goals for Washington and a shut out to polish it off, Columbus had no response. Of course, this means that the BlueJackets have fallen short of the Penguins all-time record of 17 wins on the bounce. It’ll be a hard one for them to swallow.

It’s going to hurt every player, coach and fan for sure, but it is important that this does not derail Columbus‘ season. Each hockey team plays in this league not to break records or to make records, they play to get to the Play-Offs and, ultimately, win a Stanley Cup. That is still the aim for this team,  no matter what. Yes, it would have been quite the spectacle to see a new record of consecutive wins being made, imagine if they had hit 20 wins in a row! Every CBJ fan would have hoped it could have gone on for longer, and every Pittsburgh fan has breathed a sigh of relief!

The back-end of this week is now vital for Columbus; they need to get back out on the ice and play the way they have been for what seems like such a long time! They need to beat the Rangers and the Flyers at home this weekend. Just to steady the ship and avoid the disappointment of what happened in Washington festering and ultimately derailing the season. I believe they can, and will, do that.


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