The Week Ahead (03/01/17)

So, to start I’d like to welcome everybody to my spankin’ new blog! The purpose of this page is to go more in-depth about all the games, results and news happening in the NHL. I am going to attempt to blog at least 3 times a week to start, and then hopefully increase that number as I get more comfortable with writing regularly. If you’ve found my blog from my Twitter page; thank you for checking it out and following me. If you’ve found this another way please head over to Twitter and follow me for more of this, if you like what you see!

Alright, let’s talk hockey! Tonight we have an interesting game over in Nashville. It is the return of the Predators‘ former captain Shea Weber to Smashville. I’m sure he will get an excellent reception from the Preds faithful tonight, as he was and probably still is a popular figure among the fans. Unfortunately for Habs fans they will not be seeing PK Subban on the ice tonight as he is out of action for the next couple of weeks with an upper-body injury.

I can’t avoid talking about the hottest team in the competition right now; Columbus BlueJackets. They are on fire at the moment with 15 straight wins. Before the New Year they came out on the right side of a 4-2 result against the Wild who had a game-streak of their own to protect. After winning convincingly that night it’s hard to predict where this run will end. This week they have home games against the Oilers, the Rangers and the Flyers while they will face the Capitals in Washington on Thursday night. I would expect them to win all their home games this week. I think the game in Washington could be a tough game overall and Columbus could be leaving Washington with a defeat. We shall see.




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